Coptic Learning Grammar (Sahidic)

Brankaer J.

Саидский диалект

This textbook is written for students who are new to Coptic and for those who already have a first understanding of the language. The approach allows for classroom teaching as well as for private study. The book consists of two main parts, elements and constructions, followed by application exercises and a selection of texts. The student gradually learns the Coptic constructions (nominal articulation and different kinds of sentences) with reference to the elements that are relevant for each construction. A Coptic Learning Grammar is not only a teaching method for Sahidic, the “classical” Coptic dialect, but can also be used as a reference tool for students who are already familiar with the language. The concept of the book allows for a systematic use, but can also be used for didactic purposes. It offers a clear survey of the basics of Coptic grammar and the exercises necessary to master those basics.