Mesopotamian Elements in Manichaeism (King and Saviour II).
Studies in Manichaean, Mandean, and Syrian-Gnostic Religion

Widengren G.

This investigation is in a way an answer to Prof. A. D. Nock who a propos my monograph on The Great Vohu Manah asked me about my opinion as to the Mesopotamian elements in Manichaeism, a problem which, of course, had for some time been present in my mind.

In the texts and translations given in this work insignificant variants and deviations from standard translations have not been specifically pointed out. Owing to the lack of Syriac types it has been necessary to print part of the book before the proofreading of the whole book was finished. For eventual inconsistencies and slips the reader’s indulgence is therefore kindly asked for. It was further inevitable, because of financial reasons, to print this investigation before the real King and Saviour series could be completed. The first of these works, treating of the Israelite­Jewish concep tions, will however follow so soon that it is hoped that no serious inconvenience will be felt.

I am much obliged to my friend Dr T. Säve-Soderbergh, Lecturer of Egy ptolo gy at the University of Uppsala, who was so kind as to read some of the Coptic Manichaean texts with me and showed a great interest in this subject. I further beg to tender my thanks to my friends Dr A. Haldar, Mr H. Ringgren, T. L. F. K., and Mr H. Tegnaeus, F. L. for much help with proofreading and compiling the bibliography and indexes. Finally my thanks are due to my indefatigable collaborator Rev. G. E. Björk, B. D., who has as usual corrected my English. This book is dedicated to Prof. Johs. Pedersen as a token of admiration and friendship.