The Apocalypse of the Reluctant Gnostics

Douglas S.

This book presents a comparison of the Gnostic worldviews of Carl G. Jung and science-fiction author, Philip K. Dick, two figures who have done far more than most to revive an interest in the Gnostic tradition in the modern world. Despite profoundly different approaches — one was a depth psychologist whose unique insights and approach to psychology forced him to explore the depths of the unconscious in a way that inevitably led him to touch frequently on metaphysical or spiritual matters; the other was an author of science-fiction — there are some striking parallels between their unique Gnostic visions.

With the relatively recent publication of both Jung’s and Dick’s personal journals — The Red Book (2009), and, The Exegesis of Philip K. Dick (2011), respectively — in which they articulate their Gnostic visions, it seems timely to make this comparison.