The Jung Codex. A Newly Recovered Gnostic Papyrus

Puech H.-Ch.Quispel G.van Unnik W.C.

Book comprised of three studies by Professors H.C. Puech, G. Quispel, and W.C. van Unnik. Eduted by F. L. Cross, D.D., Lady Margaret Professor of Divinity in the University of Oxford. “Studies of some unknown Gnostic weitings discovered at Nag Hammadi near the Nile which was acquired by the Jung Institute at Zurich, and were the subject of a report in The Times in November, 1953. They are of the first importance, since hitherto our knowledge of Gnosticism has been almost wholly dependent on the accounts of its ecclesiastical opponents.” “They deserve to rank with such notable recent finds as the Dead sea Scrolls. The three sets of studies are by eminent Continental professors, who give a full description and summary, and examine the light thrown by the Codex on certain New Testament problems.”