Seek to See Him.
Ascent and Vision Mysticism in The Gospel of Thomas

DeConick A.D.

In Seek to See HimApril DeConick argues that the Gospel of Thomas,contrary to the way Thomas is normally understood,does not originate fromgnostic traditions.Instead, she proposesthat Thomas is best explained by Hermeticand Second Temple Jewish mystical traditions.DeConick substantiates her proposal by first examining the developmental stages of the Gospel of Thomas, questioning the classification of Thomas as gnostic on the basis of Thomas’ dualism andhisspeculation about original sin.DeConick carefully delineatesthe difference between Thomas’ and gnosticviews of the world and of salvationbeforegoing on to demonstratethecrucialrole of purification, heavenly ascent,and visio dei—final transformation through an experience of seeing God—in this Gospel.In the end, DeConick shows that Thomas is best explainedas arising from the fusion of Jewish Mysticism and Hermetic praxis and not as being shaped by gnostic traditions.