The Codex Judas Papers.
Proceedings of the International Congress on the Tchacos Codex held at Rice University, Houston, Texas, March 13-16 2008

Nag Hammadi and Manichaean Studies #71.

The Codex Judas Papers contains the proceedings from the fi rst international conference held to discuss the newly-restored Tchacos Codex. The Codex Judas Congress was convened on March 13–16, 2008, on the campus of Rice University in Houston, Texas. The Congress was sponsored by a generous grant from the Faculty Initiative Fund established by the President’s Offi ce at Rice University. This fund supports adventurous faculty projects which promise to result in research breakthroughs and innovations. Given that the Tchacos Codex is a newly conserved ancient book of Christian manuscripts which had yet to be discussed collaboratively by a body of scholars, the research conducted and published within this book by the members of the Codex Judas Congress is nothing less than a landmark in Gnostic studies.